Erratum Page 09

Looks like someone is guiding/controlling Kaos now… Where is he going to stumble now !?

I have been late, but I’m glad I managed to post it after all. I apologize for the time you guys had to wait.
This week, I received a 24” screen as a gift ! It feels comfortable and nice to my eyes.
Check out my new working station eheh ^_^


Next week, the day Erratum is released will change for TUESDAY :) And I’m planning to change the webcomic website template too !

Gotta work work WORK it out ! But I’m sure it will be pretty better ! I hope you guys will tell me what you think.

See you soon, on TUESDAY the 12TH OF JULY !

EDIT : So many troubles in my life, I have to ask you guys to wait a bit more for next ERRATUM release…. I hope I will be able to draw and post it before next scheduled release on tuesday the 20th of July. I’m so sorry for this, and hope I will get out of trouble, the sooner, the better. Kisses, stay strong and strange.


OH dear…I was hoping that I would come back to missed updates. Alas it looks as if Real Life has dragged another creator in the dirt.

Hope you’ll be able to pick this back up once again. I was looking forward to where this was going!

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