Erratum Page 08

Hey there !

Here starts Episode 02 of Erratum, “Descendam ad meliora” (“Go down to better”)

The woman and Kaos are now in some unknown place. Looks like they both lost their clothes and puked on themselves.
Looks like Kaos is not injured anymore… but someone else had to bear it.

I had SO MUCH problems drawing this page : several crashes of my graphics drivers made me lose work and control, but heh, I did all I could.
Maybe you will notice my tiredness on the lineart… It’s not that  I’ve been lazy, it’s because I was late !!! I was so under pressure.
Anyway I did my best, and I hope next page will be better

See you next week, 30th of june 2011 !


pourquoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ??? poutquoi tant de haine envers les lecteurs ? Autant de suspense c’est insoutenable !

Tu dis que tu t’es dépêchée ?! C’est une de tes meilleures pages à mon sens… Pô mal pour une pseudo lazy girl :D

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