Erratum page 07

Heyah dear readers

The blue witch finds Kaos Porthis hiding behind a wall. The poor guy could not flee far because of his injuries.

I’m still sick, and I regret I could’nt make a longer page this week. My computer had crashes all day long, and
I truly feared I would not be able to make it. But heh, my will is stronger than bacteries and computer crashes.

I feel many things with this page, this is when all is going to start now. I waited for this moment since 2006, and now we are here.
Even if this post is short, I think it is full of feelings, and I hope you feel it too.

I hope you liked it, and will be here next week, on the 17th of june 2011 !


J’aime le passage orangé..
a croire que c est peut etre le bleu turquoise qui me dérange le plus depuis le début..

interesting…I’m a bit confused on what’s happening in that very last cell though, is his head down or is he dissolving (This would be a very short title if it was the latter)?

Hey Tigershark ! Glad to see you there again :) His head is down in the last drawing. It is the miasmic thing that the blue woman seems to be erasing. Sorry ! I didnt want to confuse ! Anyway, Did you like it ?

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