Erratum Page 05

Hey there dear web people !

Sorry I’ve been a little late this week, for I have been working on a huge commission (click link to view it).
But I’m pretty happy with the result on this page 05, I had fun, and I totally feel like a drawing cyborg, cause I’ve been drawing for 48 hours almost non-stop.

On this page, it’s a “new” character arrival. She’s all blue, and seems to be able to teleport !
Looks like Vorr wants a piece of her… And poor Kaos doesn’t know how to do or where to go, and he just lost an arm…

I plan on making some wallpapers for you guys, expect the first of them soon.
Soon again for the music, still mixing it.
Hope you had pleasure reading this one :)

See you next week,  THURSDAY 9TH of JUNE !


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