Erratum page 04

Hey you readers !

Here is page 04. I had fun making it, and feel a bit more satisfied than last week.

The control operator has located Kaos, and it calls him an “error” !
It even offers a reward for is head, one million credits.

And the strange thing behind his neck has gone worse.

Don’t forget Vorr, that gently “protected” Kaos, to be all alone with him.
It’s been a month since I started ERRATUM. I’m so glad I can rely on this to make myself dream, and maybe you too?
I hope it is all good science-fiction to your eyes.
AAAAHH :) I can’t wait for next  thursday, 2nd of june 2011 !!!




j’attends la suite, cette page est vraiment au dessus des 2 dernières qui étaient déjà géniales, aussi bien au niveau de l’intrigue que du graphisme !

Man, this just keeps getting more and more intense! No break for poor Kaos, huh? And I must say… one heck of an establishment! One of their customers gets burnt? Quick! Get the rest of them to gang up on him and kill him so we don’t have to pay money for any injury lawsuits!!

I kid of course haha. I can’t wait to see more. x3

Yey Skis, I’m so happy to see you there :)
Well, things are this way in Ephesia : whenever you have to do some “cleaning” of annoying errors, you always know offering a good big reward of money for it will get the job done.
I hope you will like what’s coming up :)

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