Erratum page 03

Hey there !

here is page 03, with much more colors than the 2 first pages.

You meet Vorr, he’s Kaos’s colleague and “friend”.
They have the habit to go to the “BEAM DEN” to buy beams irradition.
Beams are meant to make you go in a transcendental state, including visions, experiencing different places and feelings.

Vorr’s favorite beam is the pink one (eheh).

Hope you like this page, see you next week, on thursday the 26th of may 2011 !

Iphone and Ipad users link to read page 03 :

EDIT : I just uploaded (on tuesday the 25th of may 2011) an update of this page, Kaos had a bad bad face on box 14, now I find it better :)

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